WP12 - Project Management, Communication and Dissemination


  • Ensure the proper overall management
  • Make sure that the consortium’s contractual duties
  • Set-up an effective communication infrastructure
  • Manage the processes for the capture and the protection of intellectual property
  • Ensure that knowledge produced within the project is disseminated to the relevant target groups through publications and training.

Workpackage Description

The management WP is led by ART, an SME with longstanding, hands-on expertise in the management of EU Framework projects together with the Coordinator. Scientific coordination and management of the scientific activities and their progress is in the experienced hands of the Coordinator and the work package leads (task 1). Acting as the right hand of the Coordinator and as a permanent help-desk for all project participants, ART supports to a full extent the project management and controlling (task 2), the contractual management (task 3), the communication management (task 4) and the resources management (task 5). Hence, all issues relating to project administration will be handled professionally by ART, who will form the Project Office. The co-ordinator will be responsible for monitoring the progress and delivery of the various WPs, from the scientific viewpoint and will work closely with ART to ensure efficiency in the overall project, including the completion of the various WP reports according to the WP schedules of the project. The co-ordinator will liaise closely with the WP leaders to ensure that timely flow of the WPs and completion of WP reports. The co-ordinator will chair the Project Steering Committee, which will include all participants, in conjunction with ART representatives. All project study results will be reviewed by the Co-ordinator and the Steering Committee who will agree on and implement report and publication policy relating to all data arising from the project. Project IPR will be managed in accordance with the European IPR Helpdesk policy document, “Guide for SMEs: Managing Intellectual Property in FP7”.

Task 1: Project coordination and management.

Deliverable reports will be assembled by the WP Leads with the assistance of ART and the compiled report reviewed by the Project Coordinator. These deliverables will be reported in detail during scientific meetings in SENATOR. Project-derived joint publications will be reviewed by the WP Leaders and circulated to all involved co-authors before publication. In case of any disputes, the Steering Committee will act as arbitrator.

Task 2: Project management and Controlling.

On a day-to-day basis, ART together with the Coordinator will monitor the overall progress regarding milestones and deliverables. Whenever necessary, the management team will assist the Participants in achieving their goals. By compiling all information, checking numbers and documents, ART will support the consortium in generating the Project Periodic Reports according to the reporting guidelines, which will then be submitted to the European Commission by the Coordinator on time.

Task 3: Contractual management.

The coordinator will act as unique interface between the consortium and the European Commission. ART’s principal task will be to monitor the compliance of the project with the EU provisions (Grant Agreement and its annexes) and the Consortium Agreement. Therefore, Participants will be trained on EU provisions whenever relevant. ART will ensure that the consortium complies with the rules on decision-making in SENATOR as defined in the Consortium Agreement. These procedures will be carefully followed not only when it comes to decisions on the implementation of work, funding and other decisions on crucial issues.

Task 4: Communication management.

The Project Office at ART will serve as the centre of communication for all Participants. It stands as a permanent helpdesk for the Participants. ART sees it as one of their duties to help Participants overcome any (administrative) barriers. ART has developed a set of tools for project management specifically for EU framework projects. They include central document sharing, progress monitoring, accounting and reporting in EU projects. The tools will be populated with data from the Technical Annex and data subsequently generated in the course of the project implementation. All Participants will have access to the tools. ART will maintain the website for SENATOR. This website will disseminate any information which can be disclosed to the public and it will be updated regularly. Furthermore, there will be a password-protected internal part of the website which is accessible only for project Participants. The internal part provides helpful documents, schedules, etc. The organisation of professional and efficient project meetings also belongs to the scope of tasks of the management team at ART. Each of the meetings (General Assembly Meetings with the European Commission annually, Steering Committee Meetings six-monthly) will be planned carefully in accordance to meeting’s objectives.

Task 5: Resources management.

ART will take care of the collection and preparation of all cost reports from the project partners, which will then be submitted to the European Commission by the Coordinator. Not only for the planning of subsequent periods, budget and expenditures need to be monitored, new budgets must be calculated in case of budget shifts and be filled in the respective forms. The Coordinator will - together with ART - ensure that correct payments are being made to the Participants and will keep the records and financial accounts making it possible to determine at any time what portion of the Community financial contribution has been paid to each beneficiary for the purposes of the project.

Task 6: Management of dissemination of the results.

The Coordinator in collaboration with ART will ensure proper dissemination of results via the project website and other means. The Steering Committee in collaboration with ART will set up, administer and monitor a Dissemination Plan.

WP Leader

Dr. Otilia Postea (ART)
Dr. Denis O´Mahony (UCC)

Participating Partners

University College Cork (UCC)