WP11 - Economic analysis of SENATOR’s clinical efficacy


  • Provide economic case report forms to ClinInfo for use at all clinical trial sites to collect the health economic data
  • Analysis of economic efficiency of SENATOR

Workpackage Description

Task 1: Undertake literature review.

A systematic literature review will be undertaken of the published economic effects of optimization of the management of elderly patients with multiple diseases to identify methodological issues alongside finding to inform our data collection forms.

Task 2: Design, pilot and implement cost data forms to be collected within RCT.

We will visit all sites in person to identify the healthcare resource use involved. We will also communicate our findings from the literature and interviews to all sites by email and request comments to ensure that all healthcare resources used have been identified. We will design and convey to ClinInfo (WP10) cost data collection forms and pilot test them in each site to identify any issues that require changing / clarification on the forms, check they are collectable in the different country health systems, amend the forms as appropriate and implement them in all sites.

Task 3: Pilot and Implement EQ5D within RCT.

We will register our study with the EuroQol group and obtain copies of the EQ5D in the appropriate languages, which will be made available to the sites. These will be pilot tested at the same time as the cost forms to ensure they can be collected systematically. They EQ5D will be completed for each patient at baseline, hospital discharge and at 3 months follow-up.

Task 4: Monitor Cost & EQ5D Data collection.

Sites electronically return data to economists on regular basis in order that data collection quality can be monitored. The current drug cost data (WP03) will be supplied on a monthly basis to provide up-to-date, appropriate costs data for the economic analysis model.

Task 5: Data Analysis.

Costs, EQ5D and clinical outcomes will be integrated in terms of cost-effectiveness and cost utility (calculating means and variance) with a sensitivity analysis which includes cost-effectiveness acceptability curves.

Task 6: Sensitivity analysis.

Analyze the variability of costs by health system and country and undertake one-way and multi-way analysis of key parameters.

Task 7: Report.

Finalization of economic analyis report (for publication as per WP10).

WP Leader

Prof. Dr. Ric Fordham (UEA)

Participating Partners

University of East Anglia (UEA)