University of East Anglia (UEA)

Health Economics Consulting (HEC)

Health Economics Consulting (HEC)
University of East Anglia
Norwich. NR4 7TJ

Lead Investigator

Ric Fordham

Prof. Dr. Richard Fordham
Health Economics Consultant
Leader of WP11
Phone: +44 1603 593543


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Scientific and administrative staff

Rebekah Fong Soe Khioe

Rebekah Fong Soe Khioe
Research Associate

Institution Presentation

Health Economics Consulting (HEC) is a University of East Anglia Enterprise, a fully owned subsidiary of UEA. HEC is an academic consulting group with clients across the public and private sectors.  We have five dedicated Research Associates and a number of part-time Associates within the university and externally. HEC is housed in the Norwich Medical School, where its staff are constituent academic members of the Health Economics Group (HEG) headed by Prof. Marc Suhrcke.  HEG consists of about 20 academic Health Economists (inc. three Professors) who support and work closely with us on many projects. HEG is a leading centre for Health Economics research in the UK and internationally. Together HEG and HEC form one of the biggest groups of Health Economists in England. UEA has offices in Norwich and London and is well placed geographically to work with leading national organizations.