ClanWilliam Health Ltd, Dublin (ClanWilliam)

ClanWilliam Health Ltd

ClanWilliam Health Ltd
Unit 304 Lake Drive,
Citywest Business Campus,
Dublin 24

Helix Health Ltd. was rebranded in ClanWilliam Health Ltd in 2016.

Lead Investigator

Joseph McMullin

Joseph McMullin

Scientific and administrative Staff

Anthony Maguire

Anthony Maguire

Company Presentation

ClanWilliam Health is a leading provider of world-class primary and secondary healthcare software solutions. Our extensive range of cutting-edge technology assists professionals in all areas of the Healthcare sector deliver efficient, safe and cost-effective patient services. ClanWilliam has the expertise in undertaking similar Healthcare projects and has a proven track record of delivering an end solution to these projects in a timely and efficient manner. ClanWilliam Health Ltd. is supplier of the following software solutions in the Irish and international market:

  • General Practice Software
  • Community Pharmacy Dispensing Software
  • Hospital Pharmacy Dispensing Software
  • Point of Sale Software
  • Chemotherapy Dispensing Software
  • Head Office Solutions
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Private Consultant Software
  • Health Screening Software
  • Pharmacy Robotics
  • Online Backup and Security Solutions
  • Care Home Management Software
  • Bespoke Software Solutions
  • Hardware and Infrastructure

ClanWilliam Health has a proven track record of participation in EU funded projects, where ICT solutions as part of the outputs. In 2006 we were involved in the e-prescription project ‘ePrescript comprehensive advanced Prescription and drug services’, it’s primary objective being to  validate two complementary e-Prescription prototypes: ePrescribe  and eTranscript, in three European markets, Belgium, Poland and Ireland.