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University College Cork

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ClanWilliam Health Ltd, Dublin

Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal/SERMAS

Istituto Nazionale di Riposo e Cura per Anziani, Ancona

University of East Anglia

Landspitali University Hospital Reykjavik

University of Iceland

GABO:mi Gesellschaft für Ablauforganisation :milliarium mbH & Co. KG (GABO:mi)

ClinInfo S.A.

Grampian Health Board

University of Southern Denmark


Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Ethics and Safety Review Group (ESRG)

Trial Coordinating Center (TCC)

Potential End Point Adjudication (PEPA) committee

Coordinator / Project Office

The Project

WP01 - Design & Validation of new Adverse Drug Reaction Risk in Older Persons (ADRROP) scale

WP02 - Definition of Optimal Evidence-Based Non-drug Therapies in Older People (ONTOP)

WP03 – Data collection on European drug availability, pricing and policies

WP04 – Design and Construction of SENATOR

WP05 – Pilot testing and clinical validation of SENATOR in the co-ordination site

WP06 – Translation and language validation of SENATOR

WP07 – Trial Organization and Governance

WP08 - Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of SENATOR vs. ‘Standard Care’

WP09 – Ethics and Safety Monitoring

WP10 - Data management

WP11 - Economic analysis of SENATOR’s clinical efficacy

WP12 - Project Management, Communication and Dissemination

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Explanatory video SENATOR

180 seconds for the future of therapy for multi-morbid older people

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